Presney’s ability to distill these separate styles into a cohesive sound gives his music an originality and progressiveness worthy of listening and respecting, “bringing it all back home” in an inventive, provocative and listenable way.
— Tom Irwin - The Illinois Times

John Michael’s music lies somewhere in the middle of urban edge and country soul; between concrete and fields, steel and trees – but so does he. Growing up in the heartland left its mark even after he adopted the city.

Influenced by artists ranging from Bruce Springsteen, The Band, Neil Young, and Ryan Adams to The Replacements and   Big Star; John Michael draws from a wide palette but is molded after no one shade.

After attending multiple fine arts conservatories, John Michael  set out to start work on his first record .  But before he could finish the songs, he was cast in the First National Tour of the Tony Award winning Broadway musical “Million Dollar Quartet” (about the eponymous event) portraying the father of rockabilly, Carl Perkins. With Million Dollar Quartet, John Michael  had the opportunity to play his guitar and sing for audiences across the world ; including one of  nearly 20,000 at the American Airlines arena in Miami.  He has spent nights drinking whisky and recording at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis; soaking in its soul. He has worked alongside and learned from some of the fathers and giants of Rock and Roll. He has been seen on national and international t.v. The show provided him the opportunity to play rock and roll music on a scale that most can only dream of. 



Having taken the opportunity to write in hotel rooms across the world, John Michael emerged on the other side with his debut release in hand. “The Nighttime and the Dawn” was recorded in Beverly Hills, CA with J.D. Andrews (The Rolling Stones, Kanye West) at Billy Bob Thornton’s legendary home studio, “The Cave.” The record is genre spanning and directly influenced by his nights on the road in strange cities and beds. Fueled by heartbreak and liquor, it features his explosive band and guest strings by Jessy Greene (Wilco, The Foo Fighters). 

Whether with his full band or by himself, plugged in and turned up or acoustic and intimate, his performances and songs speak loudly. The choruses soar and the guitar sings. Always engaging, his powerful songs speak to the romantic in all of us. 

And he knows how to have fun too. 






Singer-songwriter John Michael Presney exudes Americana with folksy rock... It is an album to listen to while exploring the back roads and escaping the suburbs. His voice is pure and refined, and the sound is downright lovable.
— Kirsten Onsgard - Local Loop Chicago