John Michael Presney crafts a terrific Carl Perkins, his gutsy voice and wonderfully jangling guitar just right for “Blue Suede Shoes” and other hits by this hardscrabble star.
— Jan Farrington - TheaterJones
It certainly helps that all the actors/musicians were clearly the real deal. John Michael Presney as Carl Perkins played guitar with the technical and understated virtuosity that made Carl Perkins so effortless in his performances.
— Kathryn Kitt - BroadwayWorld.Com
...musically committed performances come from ...and John Michael Presney, who as Perkins — the least-known member of the quartet, but a rockabilly pioneer — has a nice scene with Mr. Seals’s Cash and Bligh Voth’s Dyanne...
— David DeWitt - The New York Times
Presney is a terrific Perkins – he’s brooding at times, even resentful of Elvis’ purloining of his “Blue Suede Shoes” and of Lewis’ irrepressible enthusiasm, but he’s likeable nonetheless. He plays a mean guitar and does a fab rockabilly.
— Stephanie C. Lyons - Pillow Talking

The cast of the national tour of Million Dollar Quartet performs "See You Later, Alligator" on the marquee of the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, TX

John Michael Presney is an electric Carl Perkins whose guitar playing is a thing of wonder especially when delivering a knockout “See You Later Alligator”.
— Tom Holeman - CT Post-Chronicle

B-Roll from the Westchester Broadway Theatre production directed by Hunter Foster.

John Michael Presney played the guitar like ringing a bell as Carl Perkins. His renditions of “Who Do You Love?” and “See You Later Alligator” were spot on.
— Wayne J. Keeley - Pillow Talking
John Michael Presney is our first encounter as Carl Perkins...his voice and musicianship do not disappoint.
— Sam Weber -
John Michael Presney plays guitar exceptionally well
— Punch Shaw - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The First National Touring Cast of Million Dollar Quartet performs at a promotional appearance in downtown Ft. Worth, TX.

B-Roll from the Casa Mañana Production directed by Hunter Foster.

Some Images from :
Casa Mañana Production - Courtesy of Curtis Brown (rehearsal stills courtesy of Chip Tompkins)
 Westchester Broadway Theatre Production - Courtesy of John Vecciolla

The childhood best pals...are played nicely by John Michael Presney (as Kai) and Eryn Murman (as Gerda).
— Anita Gates - The New York Times
The Snow Queen is at its best when it’s focusing most intently on Gerda (Eryn Murman) and Kai (John Michael Presney).
— Mathew Murray -
This critic must take the opportunity to applaud the cast for their committed and exuberant performance. Eryn Murman and John Michael Presney create the perfect match as Gerta and Kai respectively, each in great vocal form with well defined characterizations.
— Joseph Verlezza - Theatre Reviews Unlimited
You can’t help but root for Gerda and Kai, especially when they are played with such devotion by Murman and Presney who are terrific.
— Jose Solis -

Images from the New York Premier of The Snow Queen . 

Photo Credit: Haddon Kime


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